This leadership blog is for the rest of us

The respected, the accomplished, the aspiring stars, the toilers and everything in-between.

CEO’s need not apply. C-suite execs need not apply.




What to expect

Rockstar Leadership unpacks the challenges of leadership as it plays out in the real world, not the classroom. You will get;

  • advice with some edge
  • tips and tricks they don’t tell you about in the politically correct textbooks
  • more practice, less theory
  • and the occasional cringe-worthy smile

Phrases like “synergy”, “paradigm shifts” and “agile-scrums” are banned here.  Consider this “the streetguide to management and leadership”.

Enter at your own risk, but like all challenging climbs, the view will be worth it.


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Rockstar Leadership is a blog to inspire, educate and entertain you. In doing so this blog will give you a couple of different style posts for you to enjoy;

  1. Snapchats: a short 3-4 minute read recalling a leadership situation that I have experienced with a simple, thought-provoking takeaway for you
  2. Read and Lead: these are more detailed posts that have a lot more “meaty” content in them.¬†They will typically be a 5-10 minute read with the principle aim of educating you and inspiring you to take action.

7 Reasons Why Employee Awards Schemes Suck (and what you can do about it)

Many of us will agree that employee awards schemes that celebrate outstanding individual or team performance are admirable in their intention. But …they are often lacking in their execution. It is the unintended consequences of these schemes that needs further thought. The problem is that those that receive the award are singled out and deemed …

Using The Fear Of Missing Out As Your Greatest Ever Lifehack (FOMO)

Screw the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), try this instead… Is FOMO the most overused f-word today? Originally associated with children and their need to keep up with everyone else in their extended peer group. To avoid standing out or being seen as different. To have the safety of being one of the crowd. FOMO …