Is Rockstar Leadership for you?

lead-leadershipIf you are an aspiring or established leader and want to get the low-down on what it takes to progress and succeed in your organisation, without the fluff and BS, then Rockstar Leadership is for you.

I  give you the advice you really need to know, the stuff the text books don’t cover. Consider this the street guide to corporate leadership.

And I do this using “plain-speak” English, so it may not always be politically correct. You may even see the odd colourful word used when emphasis is required, and I apologise in advance if this offends you.

You may even get the odd laugh (because business does not have to be so serious all of the time).

But most importantly I aim to give you lot’s of practical and actionable advice you can apply on a daily and weekly basis to excel your performance and your career.

So sign up now for your access-all-areas backstage pass to becoming a corporate rockstar.

Welcome to Rockstar Leadership

About the Author

Hi there. My name is Daniel and I am a career manager and leader in the corporate world.

My leadership journey started many years ago when I was a 22 year old university graduate. I landed my first job straight away (there were no such things as gap years in those days) and the rest is history.

I was an OK tech guy but an even better “people person” and before too long I had earned my first team leadership role. Soon after I was promoted to a Divisional Manager role and quickly realised that leadership and management was more my thing. I have since long left behind the majority of my university education and have focussed my learning and development towards forging a successful and satisfying career as a manager in the corporate world.

In my time I have held 9 different jobs within the same industry. I have progressed to more senior leadership roles, and I have also been passed over for promotions (more on that later).

I have managed large teams consisting of over 35 direct reports (yes, direct reports), teams with over 100 indirect reports, and teams as small as 4 and even 0. I have managed teams across remote locations as well as teams of day workers, shiftworkers and contractors.

I have managed availability rosters and was on one myself for over 15 years.  In total I have spent over 25 years in the corporate world, with 22 of those years in various managerial roles.

What I have seen

I have been a part of, and (mostly) survived, a number of company sales, acquisitions, mergers, and takeovers.

Throughout all of this time I have learned how to get things done within large organisations, how to manage teams that have been diverse in nature, and how to survive and thrive in an ever-changing corporate landscape.

I have also (by all accounts) been pretty good at my roles, with a number of formal accolades, a remuneration package that appropriately reflects my contributions, and a solid back-catalog of positive informal feedback.

I have also been passed over for higher level roles. This is something I intend to break down for you in future posts to help you learn from my mistakes, my self-realisations about ability and fit, and my observations of those that do progress to become a senior executive in a corporate world.

What I’m not

I am not a “C-suite” executive, and my aspiration to become one has diminished as I have become wiser. I have learned to recognise my abilities, limitations and changing life ambitions and have therefore chosen to be great at what I do rather than average, mediocre or unhappy at the most senior level of an organisation.

I am not an entrepreneur in the traditional sense of the word as I have never started or run my own business, rather I have been gainfully employed by someone else throughout my career. I reckon there are lot’s of us out there like me.

I am not a full time blogger, nor a Leadership Consultant. I am a leader and manager in a large corporation working a hectic day job and developing this blog on the side.

Full Disclosure

Because I am currently employed, and intend to remain that way for sometime, my blogging name (DanielT) is an alias.  All of the content on this blog is fact, however it does not represent the views of my employer.

Why Rockstar Leadership?

I have been told I am very good at teaching, and I enjoy imparting my knowledge and experience if it helps others.

I know a lot about leadership as I have formally studied it, I consume copious amounts of  information on the subject, and most importantly I have lived, breathed and applied it for over 25 years.

I am not unique, but what I hope is unique is my desire to share “value-bomb” leadership advice in a straight-talking and hopefully entertaining way.

So welcome aboard, and I encourage you to remain connected to Rockstar Leadership. You will gain access to an awesome feed of leadership advice, anecdotes and thought-provokers aimed at educating, inspiring and entertaining you.

And definitely no fluff or BS.


Daniel T