Using The Fear Of Missing Out As Your Greatest Ever Lifehack (FOMO)

Screw the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), try this instead…

Is FOMO the most overused f-word today?

Originally associated with children and their need to keep up with everyone else in their extended peer group. To avoid standing out or being seen as different. To have the safety of being one of the crowd.

FOMO has also found its way into the grown-up world. It is now the four letter word of choice when describing someone who is seen as a follower, needy or deparate.

If an adult is affected with FOMO, they are someone who has a desparate need to keep up or be left behind.

Well I prefer the glass half full perspective of life so I have created a new definition of FOMO.

This definition will do a much better job of ensuring you keep up and not be left behind. In fact it will see you excel rather than tread water until you slowly drown.

FOMO – Focus On My Objective

quote FOMO focus on my objective

Write this on the back of you hand. Get a tattoo on your wrist. Sticky note it. Do whatever it takes to imprint it in your mind and refer to it each day.

I dont need to break this down any more for you. It’s self explanatory. This could become your greatest ever lifehack.

If you focus on your one big thing, it will get done.

Then move to your next big thing and apply the FOMO principal. Rinse and repeat.

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